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Gunsmoke - 560812 (227) Snakebite
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Red Skelton - 511128 People Who Owe Money

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Gene Autry's Melody Ranch - Art Richards Killed With Gene's Gun

The Damon Runyon Theatre - 491127 (48) Dark Dolores

Our Miss Brooks - 490403 (035) April Fool

The Great Gildersleeve - 450610 (172) An Evening With A Good Book

Fibber McGee and Molly - 420519 (326) Fibber Is Going To Be Rich

Speed Gibson Of The International Secret Police - 391216 (155) The Octopus Overheard On The Radio

Ray McKinley And His Orchestra - 1946, Borderline

Jack Buchanan and Binnie Hale with The Novelty Orchestra - 261019 Who?

Let George Do It - 490214 (121) Destination Dead End

Richard Diamond, Private Detective - 491126 (32) William Carter And Helena Fisher

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    In Honor Of Their Sacrifice - Running 6:15pm June 5th thru 7th,     The D-Day Playlist   

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